The Flag Project

The Flag Project asks participants to create a flag for themselves, their community or a cause, and proudly display it in public space. Originally produced as part of the Vacant Lot Project in the City of Albany, New York and was sponsored by Vacant Lot Stabilization Program and Grand Street Community Arts. This free all-inclusive event supplied materials for flag making; paints, markers, tape, pre-assembled flags in various sizes and colors, and dozens of unique stencils designed by We Are Architects. The piece was exhibited by taking the competed flags and staking them into the ground until late October 2010. 
Bringing together a diverse group of regional art patrons, neighborhood onlookers, community organizers, and passerby, this project reclaimed an abandoned property as a collaborative work and exhibition space. Over fifty participants helped fill the lot with flags. The designs were a combination of group efforts and personal works that represented themes ranging from national identities to individual convictions.